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We help you find the best hotel for your meeting or event in Portugal

With ALLOCABO you can quickly & easily find the ideal hotel for your meeting or event in Portugal, whether you’re looking for a conference venue that holds 200 people for a large annual sales event or a smaller modern hotel in the city centre of Lisbon for an event, workshop or seminar for only 30 – 50 people, we take the hassle out of finding and booking the best hotel for your event in Portugal.

With over 250 annual conferences, business events, trade shows and congresses in 2016, Portugal is one of the top 20 MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) destinations worldwide and offers companies, meeting planners and event organisers a wide selection of first-class conference and business hotels to choose from. With its cultural and scenic diversity, sunny and warm climate and the buzzing and trending capital city Lisbon,it’s no surprise that Portugal is one of the most visited tourism destinations in Europe. But not only leisure tourists are finding their way to Portugal to enjoy it’s beautiful beaches on the Algarve the country also attracts thousands of business travellers and tourists each year to come on the Iberian Peninsula together for meetings, seminars, trade shows, events, conferences and more. The country has some great cities which offer various hotel venues with a large selection of meeting rooms and conference facilities, such as Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra. Each city provides businesses and event attendees a large selection of first-class hotels with conference facilities catering towards your special needs and using our intuitive online platform, you’ll have a chance to easily find, compare and book the best hotel in Portugal and have an easy overview and access to all the relevant and necessary meeting room and hotel details you need – all to help you make a quick decision and provide you with an easy hotel booking process.

Find the ideal hotel with meeting room and conference facilities to host your event in Portugal

In 2016, Portugal ranked amongst the top 7 countries in Europe with the most annual trade shows, business events and conferences and attracts over 270 business tourists and event delegates from all over the world every year. Thus it’s no surprise that Portugal’s selection of hotels with conference facilities is large and covers every taste – from modern, to stylish to boutique hotels, from small intimite hotels with small meeting rooms to large-scale hotel venues and conference facitilies and guest rooms which can host 200 – 400 attendees.

So if you’re thinking of organising and hosting your next sales kick-off, workshop, product presentation or business conference in Portugal’s capital city, in Porto or at a conference hotel near the Algarve – ALLOCABO provides you a large choice of hotels to easily compare, review and book? Simply send an inquiry to up to 10 hotels in Portgual at the same time and you’ll receive individual proposals in less than 24 hours. Review, amend and tailor them and once you’ve found your perfect conference and meeting hotel in Portugal, you can easily book it directly with the hotel securing the most attractive online prices through ALLOCABO.

Portugal - top meeting destination

The country situated in the west of the Iberian Peninsula and close to Spain is considered Europe's westernmost continental point. With important and popular cities including Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra and countless business and meeting hotels with meeting room and conference facilities , ALLOCABO helps you to quickly and easily search and book the best hotel venue for your upcoming event, meeting, conference or seminar. The country with Europe's oldest borders is decorated in a relatively small area providing beautiful landscapes, beaches and a unique cultural heritage in which tradition and modernity merge harmoniously. Known for it’s delicious food and culinary delights, it’s good wines and vineyards and hospitable people -  Portugal truly is a unique country. It has a population of just over 10 million people with the capital Lisbon having the highest population density and almost 2 million people living there. Closely followed by Porto, which lies in the north of the country. Portuguese originated in Latin and is spoken by about 250 million people on all continents. This makes Portuguese the fifth most spoken language in the world. And if you didn’t know this, Portugal is sometimes also referred to as the land of poets and poetry has always had a stronger influence in Portuguese literature than prose. In the Middle Ages, when the Portuguese nation was founded, poetry was widespread in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Excellent epic and lyric works were created. While the most famous classical poets are Luís de Camões and Fernando Pessoa, there are a number of less well-known artists who have a significant influence on modern Portuguese literature.

Facts and figures about Portugal

  • Over 10 million inhabitants
  • Capital Lisbon
  • 19,2 million day visitors
  • Over 250 trade shows, conferences and business events per year
  • 92.212 km² large

Tourism is a major income source for Portugal and with over 17 million tourists per year, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. The regions and beautiful beaches around the Algarve as well as the capitol Lisbon, which has seen a huge surge in tourists and popularity in the last two years, are among the most frequented destinations. Lisbon has seen a huge surge in annual tourists with now 6 million visitors travelling to this city per year. For companies choosing Lisbon as their next meetings destinations, event attendees will have many attractions and activities to choose from once their meeting and event is over: Jeronimos Monastary, Bairro Alto, Ponte 25 de Abril and many more. The country is also known for its viticulture, in particular for port wine, and as the world's most important production country for raw cork. In 2015 there were over 1,700 classified hotels in Portugal, including numerous hotels which provide meeting rooms and conference facilities to book. Let us help you host your next event in Portugal and find and book the ideal hotel through ALLOCABO. Send a free inquiry to 10 chosen hotels, review and compare your proposals and with a simple steps you can book your hotel and get excited about hosting your upcoming event in Portugal.