Pension Vila Herberstein

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kopališka cesta 1,
3320 Velenje

7 Rooms

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Special features of Pension Vila Herberstein

- Out in the open
- At the sea
- In the countryside
- Close to shopping
- Close to sights
- Free parking
- Paid parking
- Bus parking
- Public transport connection
- Restaurant
- Bar
- Free wifi in the room
- Pool
- Spa / Salon
- Fitness center
- 24/7 room service
- Sustainable concept
- Rooms with daylight
- Terrace / outside area
- Free wifi in event area
- Business center
- Drivable areas for cars
- Accessible facilities
- Equipment for virtual events
- COVID-19 protection and hygiene concept
Are you, too, one of those travellers who prefer old buildings with a history to new ones, especially if you can enjoy a delicious meal inside? While walking from the Velenje Castle to the Šalek castle, you will see from afar the romantic silhouette of Vila Herberstein, which offers just the experience for you. Welcome to the former home of baron von Ritter, Josef Erder and Countess Marie Anne von Herberstein.

The renowned suburban Vila Herberstein, built in late 19th century, was entirely restored by the company Gorenje in the 1970s. Its romantic appearance was preserved on the outside as well as the inside.
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