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The MICE industry in China is booming and countless business meetings, events, seminars and international trade shows and congresses are taking place here every day. So if you’re thinking of hosting your next meeting or event in China and are looking for the best hotel for your event – then we can help. Our easy to use, intuitive online platform here at ALLOCABO allows you to quickly and easily search, compare & book business hotels in China. Whether you’re looking to host your event in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong – all of these buzzing and booming cities and major players in the meetings, incentives, conferences and events sector offer you a large choice of conference and meeting hotels with an even larger selection of meeting rooms and conference facilities to choose from suited for any type and size of event. Use ALLOCABO to help you find the ideal meeting room in the best hotel in China. Simply select up to 10 hotels and with just a few clicks send a free online inquiry to each of your chosen hotels in China. In no time at all, you will receive individual offers from the hotels and can easily compare, review, amend and book the best hotel for your event in China.

How to find the best hotel with the best meeting rooms and conference facilities in China

Are you looking for a hotel with suitable conference facilities in the middle of the Pudong Financial District in Shanghai or a hotel with a large meeting room for up to 250 event delegates in the central business district in Hong Kong or the central business district in Beijing? With ALLOCABO you can view a large selection of seminar hotels and all the relevant meeting room and conference facility information at a glance.

With regards to annual number of trade shows, conferences, business meetings and congresses, China ranks seventh among the world’s most important congress cities – over 410 congresses took place here in 2016. As one of the world’s most important economic countries, China is home to countless large companies and organizations and attracts many international business travellers and tourists every year for meetings, events and conferences.

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China - a top meeting destination

China is a socialist state founded in East Asia in 1949. In terms of total area, China is the fourth largest country in the world and with 1.4 billion inhabitants the country with the most inhabitants in the world. The most densely populated areas are the Pearl River Delta with the areas in and around Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan as well as the Yangtze Delta and its areas Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou. China borders 14 Asian countries, namely Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Buthan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. With a total of 56 different nationalities, China is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country and a member of the WTO, UNESCO Interpol and the G20. Today there are 15 megacities in China with a total population of over 260 million people and 150 megacities. Among China's best-known World Heritage Sites are the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Emperor's Canal, the Longmen Caves and the Huang Shan Mountains.
Facts and figures about China:
  • 23 provinces
  • 4 billion inhabitants
  • Capital: Beijing
  • 1,096.200 Hotels
  • 410 annual congresses
  • 164,114 annual congress participants
  • 9,596.960 km² area
Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world and dates back to the 5th century BC when the three Chinese teachings, Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism, emerged. With the start of communism in the 20th century started a new decisive influence on China's culture. The most important cultural assets are the Chinese script, the Chinese art treasures, the Chinese tea culture and the martial arts Kung Fu. Nevertheless, rituals and religion still play an important role even today, which are clearly noticeable in the big Chinese cities. Even in the megacities you will still find Chinese characters, temples and traditional Chinese cuisine which are all attractions to organisations to host their events here. The capital Beijing is also known as a green megacity, which, in addition to its modern buildings such as the CCVT Tower, the National Theatre and the National Stadium, is particularly known for its traditional cultural heritage such as the Imperial Palace, the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall of China. Shanghai, on the other hand, is probably China's most booming city, with countless modern, large and impressive buildings that all adorn Shanghai's magnificent skyline. The most famous buildings in the Financial District are the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mai Tower and the modern district of Pudong. Hong Kong  stands above all for speed, energy and glamour. Nowhere else in China will you find more shopping centres and luxurious boutiques than here. But even here you will find many green areas to relax in, namely in the New Territories and on the 234 islands that surround Hong Kong Island and are best suited to take a look at the impressive skyline. With so much choice, variety and culture we can understand why China is one of the top MICE destinations and we are here to help you find the ideal hotel for your meeting or event in China. Each city offers you a large selection of not just business hotels of any size and capacity for your event, but also countless amazing cultural and entertaining activities to entertain your event attendees.

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