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Zürcherstrasse 149
4052 Basel

36 Rooms
function rooms (Combinations): 3 / 145 m²
Largest function room: 50 Person / 80 m²
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Room contingent for 10 Attendees without overnight stays in the period October 2021
21.12.2021 Review workflow – Eventplanner / Deutschland
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Very good
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Room contingent without overnight stays
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We help you find the best hotel for your meeting or event in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the top MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) destinations with around 30,000 events annually. Business centres and cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Basel offer meeting planners and companies a huge selection of first-class hotels with a huge selection of meeting rooms and conference room facilities for you to choose from and we are here to help you take the hassle out of finding and booking the best hotel for your business event or meeting. No matter if you’re looking for a hotel to host a small meeting for 20 people or a larger hotel to host 150 – 200 attendees with overnight stay – ALLOCABO is here to help.

With ALLOCABO you will find the perfect conference hotel in Switzerland quickly & easily and we’ll take the hassle out of finding & booking the best hotel.

Around 190 business events, conferences & congresses took place in Switzerland in 2016, attracting visitors from all over the world. This makes Switzerland one of the top 20 countries with the most international congresses and conferences held annually and there are many reasons why this beautiful country attracts to many business tourists annually. Particularly popular meeting, conference and event cities are Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Bern. They offer organisations and event attendees not only a large selection of first-class business and conference hotels to choose from but also ample attractions and activities to do outside the event.

Whether you are looking for a modern hotel in the centre of Zurich, an idyllic spot on Lake Zurich or if you prefer meet against the spectacular backdrop of the Mont Blanc in Geneva or perhaps rather in the cross-cultural border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany in Basel – our easy to use, intuitive platform allows you to find just the right hotel with the right number of guest rooms, meeting rooms and facilities in line with your company event and requirements.

Simply send an inquiry to up to 10 of your favourite hotels in Switzerland and get individual proposals from each hotels directly into your inbox. Compare, review and amend them and once you’ve found the best hotel for your event, book directly with the hotel at attractive online prices.

Switzerland - top meeting destination

Switzerland is located In the middle of Europe and a central hub to get to making it an ideal location for any kind of meeting or event you’re planning to host in a hotel. With important business centres and cities including Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Winterthur, Lucerne and their countless conference and business hotels, ALLOCABO can help you to find the ideal hotel venue for your upcoming event, no matter if it’s a small seminar, team meeting or large product kick-off event. Switzerland is a federalist, democratic state in Europe and attracts people from many cultures who choose to live there. You’ll find people speaking German, French, Italian and Swiss and adding a multicultural touch to Switzerland. Over 8 million people live in Switzerland and the country is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe, with the population concentrated in the Central Plateau, the basin between the Jura and the Alps. The Swiss culture is influenced by neighbouring countries and the large amount of expats , but over the years an independent Swiss culture has also developed. The division of Switzerland into several linguistic and cultural regions makes it difficult to speak of a uniform Swiss culture. The three major language regions are strongly influenced by the neighbouring countries and the Anglo-Saxon countries. Because of its neutrality, political stability and humanitarian tradition, many international organizations and associations in politics, sport, science and culture choose to have their headquarter in Switzerland. Many of them are based in Geneva, probably Switzerland's most international city.

Facts and figures about Switzerland:

  • 26 states
  • 8.4 million inhabitants
  • Capital Zurich
  • 5.055 Hotels
  • 184 annual congresses
  • 41,285 km² area

Tourism plays a big role in Switzerland and on it’s economy and has been for over 150 years. Switzerland is often known for providing a high quality of life and we can understand why. It’s a beautiful country, surrounded by the Alps and the many lakes and it’s centrally located in Europe and easy to get to. The economy is doing well and is strong and it provides a high level of social security. And let’s not forget the range of outdoor activities people living in Switzerland can enjoy - from skiing to hiking to watersports - and of course let’s not forget the country is also known for its delicious swiss chocolate and cheese and lots of other culinary delights. There are now over 5,055 classified hotels in Switzerland, including numerous business and conference hotels providing all the necessary facilities, guest rooms and meeting rooms to host business events. Let us help you take the hassle out of finding & booking the best hotel for your meeting or event in beautiful Switzerland. Why not search for the best hotels now in Zurich, Genf, Basel or Luzern and start our easy and free inquiry process.
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